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The BASE prototypology was conceived in 2007-8, in response to a need for tools and methods to help embed multidisciplinary design within the curriculum across schools in Bangor University.

Two Perspectives

There are two types of BASE Prototypology. A relational design tool, developed to provide maximum diversity and a balance of critical tension; and complements the Team Syntegrity (synergistic tensegrity) process, after Beer (XXXX); the basis of the Game Developed by Sion during his Masters. These two Prototypologies are:

Epistemological (categorise topics of interest according to a specialist domain)

Business, Arts, Science, Engineering

Ontological (categorise participants according to what they are, or role they assume)

Business, Academic, Student, Engineer

It was used to develop Scaffolds, (Vygodsky XXXX) for Enterprise by Design. It was fundamental to the development of Pontio, informing proposals that led to funding for Pontio Innovation.

BASE ‘Cultivator’

A tool was first presented as the basis for a tool for assembling Multidisciplinary teams, in response to a brief set by a commercial partner - (Goodman XXXX); it was then used to configure the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, it’s meaning being presented through the lens of positive psychology, (Parkinson XXXX).

Etymology of ‘prototypology’

The term is not defined in any dictionary. The word comprises three elements: proto, type, and ology. The etymology, or meaning of the word from its origin, of each element, from greek:

proto - protos (greek: first, original)

type - tupos (greek: pattern, mold, impression)

a category of people or things having common characteristics.

a person or thing exemplifying the ideal or defining characteristics of something.

an abstract category or class of linguistic item or unit, as distinct from actual occurrences in speech or writing.

ology - logia (greek: logic)

denoting a subject of knowledge.

denoting a characteristic of speech or language.

These combine to form the terms:


a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.


a classification according to general type, especially in archaeology, psychology, or the social sciences.

Prototypology Definition

Prototypology : a preliminary typology: 1. epistemological (I know), and 2. ontological (I am)

Prototypology : knowledge and language for prototype, needed for critical discourse.

Evolution of Language

It is worthwhile drawing attention to how language evolves; through combination, adaptation and selection. With selection being contingent on utility within a cultural setting. As culture changes, this is understood within the field of cultural linguistics, a branch of linguistics that explores the relationship between language and cultural conceptualisations.

Cultural Linguistics draws on and expands the theoretical and analytical advancements in cognitive science (including complexity science and distributed cognition) and anthropology. Cultural linguistics examines how various features of human languages encode cultural conceptualisations, including cultural schemas, cultural categories, and cultural metaphors.

[4] As such emergent properties, since is precisely how the BASE prototypology affords multidisciplinary design teams.